Midwest 3-Gun Clinic - Colfax, WI - May 8-9, 2020

Midwest 3-Gun Clinic - Colfax, WI - May 8-9, 2020

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Are you happy with your current shooting performance?

Looking for new skills to build, or maybe hit a plateau in your own training? 

As promised, I'm coming back to Wisconsin! This time we are setting up in Colfax at the Colfax Sportsman Club. 

During the two days of instruction we will cover a ton of information including

• Transitions: Targets and Guns 
• Footwork and Movement 
• Shooting on the move: when and where you should 
• Stage Planning: Honing your mental game 
• Plus much, much more!

Required gear: Everything you would typically bring to a major match, rifle, pistol, shotgun, mag pouches and shell caddies, at least 3 mags for each, 400 pistol, 200 rifle, 200 shotgun, 20 slugs.

The current plan is to train Friday and Saturday and then shoot the local Colfax 3-Gun match on Sunday the 10th. 

Class size is limited so sign up now! Tuition is $500 for both days. Range fee is $40. If you decide to sign up for the match on Sunday you will receive a $10 credit toward that range fee.